26 Fantasy Miniature Houses Made by Midjourney AI

Andreea Macoveiciuc
3 min readOct 9, 2022

How does the AI bot imagine a village made of fantasy houses?

If you don’t know what Midjourney is, here’s their own description: “Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.”

Their AI bot, that you can play with through Discord, is really, really good at generating beautiful images like the ones in this post.

You can get as creative as you want — well, actually Midjourney brings all the creativity, you just need to think of weird concepts or stuff that would look nice together.

I won’t go into details here regarding the scripts used. Just enjoy the images :)

*Did I exagerate a bit? Yes, yes I did, but it’s really addictive.

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