I’m probably weighing your soul

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In 1907, a physician from Massachusetts conducted an experiment for measuring the weight of one’s soul. Known as the “21 grams experiment”, the study hypothesized that the human soul has physical weight, and attempted to determine its exact mass.

The study’s setup was extremely simple: Duncan MacDougall, the guy who initiated this trial, observed the changes in the body mass of six patients at the moment of death.

No significant change was seen in the other five patients, and the experiment was rejected within the scientific community for being…

Anything in between was not an option

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“If I knew you were coming, I would’ve rescheduled my disaster” (Once & Again)

I thought you were an artist when I met you; some unknown poet, a struggling painter or musician of some sort.

You happened during my disaster; it was one of our “breaks”, and — left without a choice — one of my non-him periods.

I didn’t ask for you, but I enjoyed the madness of not knowing what we’re doing, and of not caring if it’s going somewhere or not. You were my escape, there to listen without asking and to offer without expecting anything.


Unless you’re part of a team of clones, you should stay away from one-size-fits-all models and take a contextual approach to leadership.

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Some years ago I was working in the online department of a medium-sized company, and our team had 12–15 people on average. I was involved in recruiting 5 colleagues, of which 2 were the only ones interviewed for those roles. Not because we didn’t have more applicants, but because we knew they were the right ones from the first minutes.

One of them had zero work experience, but the most beautiful and dedicated attitude I’ve ever seen in…

Forensic Anthropology

How forensic anthropologists can estimate the age, race, gender and height of a dead person by analyzing skeletal remains.

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Forensic anthropology studies human skeletal remains that have or are believed to have medicolegal significance, meaning that they are believed to be part of a missing person case or recent crime.

When the remains found are still articulated, it is a sign that the person died at the location where the bones were found. On the other hand, when the bone fragments are not articulated anymore, it is a sign that the remains were moved after the death of the person and decomposition of the body.

A forensic anthropologist can estimate the age, gender, race and height of the dead…

How to develop, implement, and scale up a global content strategy

Content strategy framework
Content strategy framework
Content strategy framework

The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the steps involved in developing a scalable content strategy. The article is intended for content strategists, managers, and digital marketing managers working in large companies and enterprises.

As there are a lot of topics to cover, I’ll split this guide into multiple articles, each of them detailing some of the topics above. Once you have the big picture, I encourage you to go through each of these steps and take what’s relevant for your company, adapting as needed.

Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing Strategy

Before diving into the framework, I’d like to clarify the…

General advice for finding clients who pay well

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As with everything in life, in content marketing, what you get is what you pay for.

The reverse is also true: what you offer is what you get paid for. You’re paid based on how hard you are to replace, not on how fast you can write an article.

Your value as a content writer doesn’t lie in your turnaround time or the number of words per article, although these matter too. Your value lies in your ability to fill in the gaps in your client’s content strategy or calendar.

Before you pitch your content writing services to a company…

How to write a content brief that’s useful for your content marketing team

Example of research for a content strategy & brief

If you’re a content strategist or content marketing manager looking to scale up your content production, you’ll face these challenges:

  • finding and hiring good writers
  • onboarding them — helping them get familiar with your company’s services or products, main USPs, competitors, target segments, and your tone of voice and writing style
  • putting together a coherent strategy to let them know what’s next and what goals they’re working towards
  • helping them create good content by providing effective content briefs

I’ll cover the last point here and we’ll address…

Build React components from scratch, with no libraries

React navigation bar with carrousel and accordion components

For this exercise, we want the navigation bar on mobile to display a hamburger menu.

A case study that shows why you need to focus on personas, funnel stages and search intent

A couple of weeks ago I received a question from the owner of a 3-year old SaaS company regarding the type of content they should focus on to get more leads through content marketing.

Their story, in big lines, was as follows: content was the only piece in their marketing puzzle that didn’t work properly. Most of their clients were acquired through cold outreach or word of mouth, so the cost of acquisition was quite high and they were looking for ways to decrease it.

They didn’t have a clear strategy in place; they did have a content calendar but…

Your first 90 days as a content strategist or marketer in a new company

If you’ve recently joined a new company as a content strategist, marketer or manager, and you’ve been asked to create a 30/60/90 days plan, this article is for you.

I’ll keep it fluff-free, as there’s a lot to cover.

The 30/60/90 days content marketing plan

I always start with the big picture and I use frameworks and processes as much as possible, to make it easier to scale up the activities later on.

In big lines, here’s what you’ll do in your first 90 days:

Andreea Macoveiciuc

Content strategist working with SaaS companies. Front end developer. Passionate about health, forensics.

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