I’m probably weighing your soul

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Of all six subjects, one lost 21.3 grams when passing away.

No significant change was seen in the other five patients, and the experiment was rejected within the scientific community for being…

Anything in between was not an option

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Forensic Anthropology

How forensic anthropologists can estimate the age, race, gender and height of a dead person by analyzing skeletal remains.

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How to develop, implement, and scale up a global content strategy

Content strategy framework
Content strategy framework

Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing Strategy

Before diving into the framework, I’d like to clarify the…

General advice for finding clients who pay well

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Example of research for a content strategy & brief
  • onboarding them — helping them get familiar with your company’s services or products, main USPs, competitors, target segments, and your tone of voice and writing style
  • putting together a coherent strategy to let them know what’s next and what goals they’re working towards
  • helping them create good content by providing effective content briefs

Build React components from scratch, with no libraries

React navigation bar with carrousel and accordion components

A case study that shows why you need to focus on personas, funnel stages and search intent

Your first 90 days as a content strategist or marketer in a new company

The 30/60/90 days content marketing plan

I always start with the big picture and I use frameworks and processes as much as possible, to make it easier to scale up the activities later on.

Andreea Macoveiciuc

Content strategist working with SaaS companies. Front end developer. Passionate about health, forensics.

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